That difficult second season


I told Sam to leave me alone for the first part of this year, so I could write my next novel. Literally the day after I finished, she got in touch to say we should record the next batch of Tangent Tree podcasts. That has led me to suspect she has cameras in my home or spyware on my computer. I really wouldn’t put it past her…


Anyway, the recording of the long-awaited second series of The Tangent Tree has started, so if you’re a serious glutton for punishment, you’ll be able to listen soon. And yes, calling it long-awaited is not an empty boast. At least three people have pestered me saying they need more episodes, and I know Sam has also had some feedback to that effect. So it’s long-awaited. By at least three people. Long awaited for three months anyway. That’s quite long to wait, I suppose.


So what can you expect from series two? Two episodes on science fiction, for a start. And no, we don’t discuss Star Wars. I don’t consider that science fiction. Why do I think that? Listen to the podcast and find out.


We also discuss film noir, with specific focus on the femme fatale and how that persona has been depicted in films past and present. If that all sounds a bit film-school, don’t worry. It doesn’t get too dry and academic. Or at least, if I ever try to go down that route, Sam drags me back to Earth with a dull thud, making sure the content stays the right side of pointless-but-entertaining-diversion.


There’s also a podcast on films with political subject matter, which actually got quite political. However, I regret to inform you that it didn’t degenerate into a polarised, name-calling, Twitbook-style shouting match. Instead it contained far too much nuance, intelligent thought, and consideration for alternative perspectives than can be deemed normal in our present age of belligerent discourse. For that I can only apologise, and state that next time we’ll try harder to inject proper bile and antagonism into our political exchanges. 

To summarise, The Tangent Tree series two will be available soon. This month. Not sure exactly when yet. I’ll chat about it with Sam and get back to you.

Samantha Stephen