Nightmare Before Christmas: The Great Debate

Our Halloween Special podcast is a failure for one simple reason. We did not address the most vitally important question relating to the topic, namely is The Nightmare Before Christmas a Halloween film or a Christmas film?

As with the chicken/egg question, there are equal and opposite arguments that can be made. The obvious Halloween spookiness featuring the gleefully dark combined sensibilities of Tim Burton and Henry Selick suggest it is a Halloween film. The Christmas elements, combined with the underlying message about the importance of not trying to be someone you are not, suggest it is a Christmas film.

I can only offer my sincere apologies to you, your families, friends, pets, and genetically engineered monsters in secret underground laboratories, for this unforgivable oversight. You can make up for our sad inadequacy by contacting us with your thoughts on this subject. In the meantime, by all means listen to this woefully inadequate podcast, and at the very least giggle at my inane attempt at singing John Carpenter’s theme from Halloween. You can even laugh at me rather than with me, if you’d prefer. Sam certainly did.

samantha stephen