Magic Makers

People who decided to make something out of nothing. 


Simon Dillon

Simon has a lot of opinions. None of them are humble. 

Most of his opinions are about films. This is because he feels closer to his favourite films than he does to most other human beings. Please don’t suggest he gets medical help for this. He doesn’t want any help. Instead he just wants to watch films, talk about them, and then watch some more films.


Samantha Stephen

Samantha has never been reserved or quiet.

At the age of 8 it was brought to her attention that she was verbose. Clearly unsure of what exactly this meant, in particular to her, Samantha was promptly informed she would make a good lawyer someday due to her love of verbalising her opinions and thoughts. Especially if they differed from your own! How tongue in cheek exactly are some people?

ALEX FINISHED-9 copy.jpg

Alex Richards

Sound designer and sound by design. Alex sorts the audio. He's always listening.