Photo Credit: Viivi N Media

Photo Credit: Viivi N Media


Samantha has never been reserved or quiet.

At the age of 8 it was brought to her attention that she was verbose. Clearly unsure of what exactly this meant, in particular to her, Samantha was promptly informed she would make a good lawyer someday due to her love of verbalising her opinions and thoughts. Especially if they differed from your own! How tongue in cheek exactly are some people?

Curiosity, love of communication and a knack for getting blood from stones is what brought her here. An extrovert with introverted tendencies (sometimes referred to as an ambivert) she has a talent for pulling things out of people. Whether that is creativity out of the creative but stifled, talent out of the talented but unaware or communication from people who incorrectly think they are socially awkward. Adapting to people and changing her environment to make them feel comfortable is her forte.

Strongly opinionated. Fight not flight or freeze. She has a reputation for not letting go and being relentless. The greatest compliment she has received up to date was that she reminded someone of a yet unwritten Doctor Who companion. Immediate brownie points. She is in love with television and film. The greatest soft spots being Epic Fantasy, Sci Fi, and children’s films. Oh and a terribly expensive passion for graphic novels and the DC universe.

She has a day job as a producer and presenter on TV, a tiny and cosy apartment she shares with her partner and audio engineer, Alex and most importantly she dreams of owning a small, blue grey frenchie called Stitch because Lilo And Stitch obviously.

Recently she embarked on the immense journey of education in the hopes of one day being a Psychologist. Wish her luck!